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Grayscale lithography issue
Maskless Aligners for industry
Interview with Steffen Diez, COO of Heidelberg Instruments, where tells the story of the Maskless Aligners series. From the initial idea conception to successful commercial release of different tools for R&D and industrial production.
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Imaging beyond the limits
Rajesh Menon from the University of Utah and his team push photolithography and imaging beyond the diffraction limit. He also tells about his approach to developing optical elements and algorithms for computational imaging.
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Rocking Brownian motors go viral
Armin Knoll from IBM Zürich talks about rocking Brownian motors. These nanofluidic devices can sort nanoparticles with down to 1 nm difference in radius, and are very promising for diagnostics and protein purification.
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A 3D image of the Moon patterned using thermal probe lithography (NanoFrazor Explore), created to celebrate 50 years of the historic Apollo 11 Moon mission.
Moon diameter ca. 17 μm, average crater depth 5 nm.

Courtesy of Heidelberg Instruments Nano.
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